In March of 1995, a tight band of five Bikers held an exploratory meeting to see how many of the local bikers they had been riding with were willing to form a motorcycle club. 22 men showed up at the meeting and shared thoughts and ideas. after a couple of hours, the group had agreed on the name HIGHLANDERS due to all who attended were Scottish or Irish descendents and elected Hoot as their President and Head Organizer. After the Meeting the group took their first official formation ride to The Mouse's Ear South  (a local strip club), For the next few weeks the group went on a few more formation rides and attended some social functions together. By the time the second (organizational) meeting rolled around the group was down to 10 attendees. At this meeting the rest of the officers were elected, the back patch was designed and a tentative set of BY-LAWS including Membership and Motorcycle requirements was put together. For the next few weeks the group went on a few more longer rides, constantly working on their formation skills and conducting themselves more as an organization at social functions and local watering holes. Around the middle of June of the same year, the third and final (organizational) meeting was held , only 6 Bikers showed up. This 6 would be our Probationary Club, luckily we had 6 because it takes at least 5 members to have a True Patch Holding Motorcycle Club in The Great State of Tennessee. These 6 chose to use a 2 inch by 4 inch rectangular Confederate Flag in the shape of Tennessee for a front patch and an upside down Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Patch on their back as their Probationary Colors. Shortly after their last organizational meeting, a meeting was set up with the Local OUTLAWS M.C. Chapter in Knoxville TN. At this meeting , the Probationary HIGHLANDERS were advised to visit with and support the other Motorcycle Cubs in the East Tennessee area in order for them to get to know each other, at this time in East Tennessee there were about 10 to12 clubs. By the time May of 1996 role around , The Probationary Highlanders had visited all the Motorcycle Clubs in the East Tennessee area and had been on a few Out- of- State Rides with some of the other established Clubs. During their second meeting with the Local OUTLAWS Chapter the Probationary HIGHLANDERS were given their " BLESSING", to become a True Patch Holding Motorcycle Club in The Great State of Tennessee. (One) day before sewing our Colors on , one of the six decided "This was not for him" , and decided to withdraw his membership. This was a wise and unselfish decision. He is always welcome among us.The Official COLORS of the HIGHLANDERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, SMOKY MTNS. TN were sewn on MAY 2, 1996. The 5 FOUNDERS of the HIGHLANDERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, SMOKY MTNS. TN. were HOOT(Founding President and Road Captain), ALF(Founding Vice-President and Sgt. at Arms) HORSE, COWBOY(Secretary/Treasurer) and FLASH. These Founding Members can easily be identified by their CHARTER MEMBER Patch on the Right front side of their Colors. In the years to follow the HIGHLANDERS would adapt the wearing of their family Clan Tartan adorned with the proper family Clan Crest Badge on the right front yoke of their Colors. We've shared some great times and we've suffered some bad one's as well, but in the end it was our BROTHERHOOD built on HONOR, PRIDE, RESPECT and INTEGRITY along with our undying commitment to the HIGHLANDERS and each other that got us through and made us stronger because of it.

One of the first things you notice when you see the Highlanders on the road is their Two up and Tight riding Formation. This style of riding can only be accomplished after logging in thousands of miles together across the country. One other thing that is noticeable about the Highlanders riding style is how they roll in somewhere and park, their Straight Line,Rev Up, Back Up, Rev Up and Shut er' Down Drill is a fine example of their Unity.

We as Highlanders are a lot like other Motorcycle Clubs in many ways, yet we are different in other ways such as, we do not accept just anyone who shows an interest in our organization. We recruit members into our Probationary Program.
Our members were watched closely for Quite some time before we approached them. They also must be recommended by an active member. There's a Highlanders saying that goes, "You'll be the Second to know  when it's time for you to become a Highlander." Recruiting and Recommendations are very few and far between. Being a Highlander Probate is not easy, we have a 95% wash out rate.

In 1999 the Tennessee Confederation of Clubs was formed and the Highlanders M.C. was one of the first Clubs to join. Since the begining of the Confederation, several Highlanders have held elected or appointed positions within the Confederation such as State Vice-Chairman, Webmaster, Editor and Liaison officer. The Highlanders also attend  the National N.C.O.M. Conventions held in a different Major city each year as Proud Representatives of the Great State of Tennessee . If anyone would like to meet and socialize with us, this would be an opportune time .

This has been a shortened version of Our History, for the Longer and more Colorful version, meet up with a Highlander, open a bottle of Gentlemen Jack and LISTEN.

                                     Best Regards, HIGHLANDERS M.C.

                       "MAY GOD BLESS THE HIGHLANDERS!"